What material can this be used with?
The Flush Fireplace Vent [Luxe] is designed to be used on drywall, stone, and tile surfaces.

Can the Flush Fireplace Vent [Luxe] also be used as an air return?
Yes! It can. Check the sizing of your opening to ensure that it fits. If not, we have other sizes available on our site.

Will the Flush Fireplace Vent [Luxe] be flush with the surface it is installed on?
Yes! The Flush Fireplace Vent [Luxe] is the first Aria product to have a reversible center tray design. This means you can either have a paintable tray surface like our existing drywall products, or a tray with depth like our existing Flushmount products.

Can I use this on floors, walls, and ceilings?
The Flush Fireplace Vent [Luxe] is only for wall and ceiling vents.

Do you make custom sizes or colors?
No, sorry about that! This only comes in satin white. However, it's ready to be painted or wall-papered to match your walls.