Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe]

$89 CAD

The "OG" minimalist framed floor vent. Customizable with every surface material, this DIY-friendly vent can be installed at any time. This model comes in supply vent and larger air return sizes, previously known as Aria OG.

Make sure you have the right size: SIZING TOOL

*Consult your HVAC specialist to ensure Aria is right for your system.
🇨🇦 100% Manufactured in Canada
Floor, Wall, Ceiling
  • Retrofit into existing surfaces.
  • Compatible with any surface material: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, drywall. As long as the material is thinner than ⅞”.
  • Air Flow - Full air flow control. Slide tray to access air flow dampers at any time.
  • Child Proof - Designed to catch items that kids can drop down the ducts.
  • Pet Proof - Flat with no crevices or grilles for our furry friends to get caught in.
  • Easy Cleaning - Slide and remove tray for easy duct cleaning.
  • Weight Capacity - If vent is in a high traffic area, recommend installing Framed Floor Vent [Lite] instead.
  • Install methods on floors and walls will vary.
  • Material - Solid Steel


What material can this be used with?
Pretty much anything! Surface material must be ⅞” or thinner.

Can I install after my floor / surface is already installed?
Yes! This can be installed on existing surfaces. All you need is a scrap piece of material to place inside the inner tray.

Can I use this on floors, wall and ceiling vents?
You can use it on floors. If your walls and ceilings are drywall — the Flush Wall Vent [Luxe] is also a good option.

Do you make custom sizes or colours?
No, sorry about that!

What's the difference between the Luxe model and the Lite model?
The main difference between our Luxe and Lite models is the material; the Luxe is metal and the Lite is ABS plastic.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Dave S
Perfect product to improve on our crappy vents

We wanted to replace 3 vents in our home and came across Fittes. We managed to find the right size for 2 of them, but the other doesn't fit with the sizes provided. The two that we did install are great. They look seamless despite us not having the original wood to add to the insert.

My only thoughts on areas of improvement are the screw placement as it can be tricky to securely mount if you don't have a stubby screwdriver or specialty drill bit. Second, the components to open/close the airflow will likely give over time if you open and close it frequently.

Kwame Amoateng
OG fram Lite

Great compliment to the flooring. Gives a very sophisticated look. Helped me save a little with free shipping

Danielle Bercovitch
Great Product

We purchased floor vents and wall units to help modernize the new home we purchased. Such a small item has made a huge impact. Will continue to recommend fittes

Jeff Raymond
Sleek design

They look fantastic!

Dino Di Fonzo
Framed OG Vent

This vent looks great in my marble tiled washroom and is well built.