How to Measure Your Vents Correctly

Homes are designed with a wide variety of vent sizes. We understand it can be tricky when measuring your vents. And we want you to save as much time as you can during this process. So, our measuring guide follows the classic saying of "measure twice, purchase once". 
The marketed size of an Aria Vent - i.e. "4x10", "4x12" - refers to the base or body of the vent (what fits into the duct opening) . Below are the do's and don'ts of measuring your vents. Trust us.. this works!
Follow these 2 Steps:
1) Remove the existing air register or air return cover.
2) Measure the height and width of the duct opening twice. These measurements will tell you what size you'll need.
Now for the exciting moment you've all been waiting for.. the do's and don'ts of the vent measuring game. 

DO: Follow the Photo Below to Measure Your Duct Opening Correctly 

Rounding numbers is our friend and it should be yours too. Our vents, like some shoes do not come in half sizes (or any other non-round number for that matter). As indicated in the above photo - key to success coming up... we round down on measurements that are ".5" or lower and round up on measurements that are above ".5". 

For example:

- if your duct measures 3.5" you round to 3".  

- if your duct measures 3.75" you round to 4".

DON'T: Take Your Old Vent Out & Measure It

This will lead to major measurement inaccuracies! A big no-no when looking to acquire non-traditional, badass vents - missing from the photo above.. I mean WHAT ARE THOSE?!. 

DON'T: Leave Your Old Vent In & Measure It

Once again this will lead to measurement inaccuracies. Since the base/body of a vent is what fits into the duct opening, measuring the outside of an old vent will not lead to accurate measurements. Also, an Aria Vent does not have the same size or shape of traditional grilled vents like the photo above. 

DO: Remove Your Old Vent & Measure Your Duct Opening

By doing this you will be one step closer to finding the vent you've always dreamed of! Without a vent in place, you gain access to the barebones of your duct opening - this is what your vent will fit into. Think of it as if your duct opening is a skeleton and the vent is the skin that covers it. 

Find an Aria Vent that fits today. Live your dreams tomorrow.