Adaptable by design

One vent fits all

We invented the first modular air register that can be used anywhere with literally any material.

Compatible with all surfaces

Say you have tile in the bathroom, vinyl in the living room and hardwood in the bedrooms. You can use our same customizable vent for all those surfaces.

Use anywhere

Compatible for vents on the floors, walls and ceilings. Drywall Pro is best for vents on drywall surfaces. But if you have tile, shiplap or a unique material on your walls and ceilings - you can use the OG, Lite or Flushmount Pro.

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A one-vent solution

You can have the same air vent across all your spaces, regardless of your varying floor materials or vent location (floors, walls or ceilings). Keep all your hardware accessories consistent throughout your home to create one cohesive, repetitive design feature.

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