Cool Stuff That Just Fittes

We invent intuitive products that are a stylish alternative to the traditional building components and accessories that often get overlooked.

Our Story

Founded in September 2016, Fittes is owned and operated by a father (Paolo) and daughter (Roberta) duo, who share a passion for innovative, thoughtful design. Our patented products are the first and only modular solutions that can be adapted to any surface. The idea began after Paolo noticed that there had been many advancements in construction design, but mechanical components had been left behind.

"For me, inventing is chasing the unknown. Failure is an absolutely necessary (and exciting) part of the process β€”Β it means I'm getting closer."

– Paolo, Inventor

Designed with Pros and DIYers in mind and with over 1 million Aria Vent products sold (our first product which we lovingly call the OG), we’re geared up to elevate even more of the everyday mundane accessories seen around the home.

Our mission is to create thoughtful, innovative design products that are beautiful, functional and badass.

– Roberta, CEO/Founder

Proudly manufactured in North America