Brack Kit [Luxe]

$90 CAD

Structural support kit for floating shower seats, suspended shelving/furniture, and more. It's modular design can be combined to accommodate structures with longer spans. Kit contains two brackets and two sets of screws.

*Additional 2 3/4" screws required if combining kits

🇨🇦100% Manufactured in Canada

Wall, Ceiling
  • Time saving installation for floating bench/shelf
  • Highest rated capacity vs. competitors (up to 350lbs per Brack-14)
  • Modular application
  • Combine kits as necessary [recommend 1 kit per 16'' span - will vary by project]  
  • Additional 2 3/4" inch screws are required if combining kits. This is not included with the purchase of this product and must be sourced outside of Fittes
  • Material - galvanized sheet metal with a long lasting powder coating (8 gauge)
  • Recommended span between brackets is 16" on centre. Depending on weight of finishing material and application, span can vary.
  • Each bracket is rated to hold 350 lbs.
  • Studs must be a minimum of 2"x4"
  • Install is best done by a Pro.

Detailed Dimensions
Install Guide
Install Video


At what point are these brackets installed in the build process?
Brackets must be mounted at the rough-in stage. You must have access to the studs inside the framed wall to properly mount.

What is this used for?
The Brack Kit [Luxe] is a structural support for any application where there is an engineered suspended structure. (ie. floating shower seat, shelves, vanity, etc.)

Can I use foam board in between the brackets?
No - foam board is not structurally sound. You must use a structurally sound material (ie. 3/4" plywood, aluminum honeycomb, solid wood, etc.)

For shower application, can I tile directly on top of the engineered seat?
No - you absolutely must waterproof prior to tiling.

Can I fasten the brackets on a 2x2 stud?
No - a minimum 2x4 stud in required. 2x6, 2x8, studs are also compatible.

Can I fasten the brackets to metal stud?
No - wood studs only.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
A clean, simple solution in a studio environment

My partner and I used these for floating workbenches in our new studio. A clean line product that is effective and incredibly strong.

Victoria Soda

This shower bench gives a small space a really clean and sleek look without taking away from the overall square footage.


Brackets are 5 out of 5. Just wish you could get them in singles cause sometimes you need 3 in a span for a bench

Patrick Macorig
Shower Bench Brackets

Our designer introduced us to these and when I seen them as a general contractor I right away wondered, Ok, how much is the tile guy going to charge me to install this because its something he has not seen before, I didn't even bother asking and with solid background in carpentry just decided to do it myself in both shower areas and was amazed how easy the entire process was and more importantly how sturdy the product was, will definitely recommend and use again.

Jordan Paradis
Aria bracket

Sturdy well made support