Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe+]

$115 CAD

The high-performance, minimalist drop-in floor vent is DIY-friendly and easy to install in under 15 minutes. The Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe+] lays on top of the surface, and can be installed at any time, including retroactively. Customize with tile, hardwood, luxury vinyl or carpets to seamlessly blend with any flooring. Equipped with a double air channel for 50%-60% increase in open area compared to the FRAMED OG FLOOR VENT [LUXE].

Make sure you have the right size: SIZING TOOL

*Consult your HVAC specialist to ensure Aria is right for your system.

🇨🇦 100% Manufactured in Canada

Floor, Wall, Ceiling
  • Retrofit into existing surfaces.
  • Compatible with any surface material: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, drywall. As long as the material is thinner than ⅞”.
  • Air Flow - Full air flow control. Slide tray to access air flow dampers at any time.
  • Child Proof - Designed to catch items that kids can drop down the ducts.
  • Pet Proof - Flat with no crevices or grilles for our furry friends to get caught in.
  • Easy Cleaning - Slide and remove tray for easy duct cleaning.
  • The High Performance has a 50%-60% increase in open area when compared to the standard single channel model.

What material can this be used with?
Pretty much anything! Surface material must be ⅞” or thinner.

Can I install after my floor / surface is already installed?
Yes! This can be installed on existing surfaces. All you need is a scrap piece of material to place inside the inner tray.

Can I use this on floors, wall and ceiling vents?
This is best used on walls that have wall coverings (like tile, wood etc.) If your walls and ceilings are drywall - the Flush Wall Vent [Luxe] is a better choice. 

Do you make custom sizes or colours?
No, sorry about that! This model can be spray painted as you please.

What's the difference between the Luxe model and the Lite model?
The main difference between our Luxe and Lite models is the material; the Luxe is metal and the Lite is ABS plastic.

What’s the difference between the single channel and double channel model?
The High Performance equipped with a double air channel has a 50%-60% increase in open area when compared to the standard single channel.

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