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Successful partners make 16.5 more revenue with Fittes products than with previous vent options.

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We are looking for some like-minded partners who are committed to offering their customers products that solve problems, and look great while doing it. 

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“We’ve never sold this many vents before. Vents are a profitable product category for the first time ever. "

– Sean L , Sales Manager

The New Standard

Fittes has elevated vents from a “necessary building product” to a design feature that is quickly becoming the go-to standard for industry professionals. Vents are just the beginning!

Premium Experience

Solve customers' vent issues faster with our out-of-box solution. Offer a better-looking, faster customer experience with no lead times and same-day install.

New Revenue

Lean inventory and a profitable product category. Carry one vent that works for every surface material. An upsell opportunity on every order! 

Net-New Markets

36% New Revenue

Tile retailer, M2 Tile and Stone, uses Fittes to tap into net-new revenue categories. 36% of the vents they sell are installed on drywall and non-tile surfaces.

New market, new revenue, same Fittes.

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