How Metropolitan reduced vent inventory from 1000 SKUs to 16

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Metropolitan Hardwood

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Metropolitan Hardwood Floors

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Manufacturer & Distributor

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"Aria Vent offers an innovative solution to an ongoing industry challenge through cleaver forward-thinking designs. They are nothing less than a true game changer!"

– Ben Mitchell, Sales Manager

The Challenge

Air vents and registers were a headache!
Metropilitan was forced to carry over 1000 vent SKUs to effectively serve their customers. This inventory had a low inventory turnover rate, and consequently, high carrying cost.

For custom vents, Metropolitan had dedicated an entire facility that custom stained each vent to order with lead times of 7-10 days.

The Solution

By partnering with Aria Vent, Metropolitan was able to reduce their vent inventory from 1000 SKU’s to 16! Vents have become one of their leanest product categories.

Metropolitan was able to significantly decrease overhead stocking cost and increase inventory turnover rate of vents.

Aria Vent transformed the vent product category from a manufactured service into an off-the-shelf product that is compatible with every single surface that Metropolitan manufactures and distributes.

"When it comes to inventory turnover, I can tell you that having minimal Aria SKUs and being able to sell them with all flooring products is more beneficial than having countless SKUs that are stained to match."

– Dan Schmidt, Operations Manager

The Results

Aria Vent, made vents a profitable product category for Metropolitan. The simple, modular design decreased stocking SKUs, and transformed custom vents into an off-the-shelf product that did not require manufacturing or lead times.

Prior to Aria, vents were just a necessary accessory Metropolitan offered to better serve their customers. Aria allowed Metropolitan to serve their customers with a superior vent option that is: faster, a 100% perfect match, and has a contemporary style that meets customer demand.

Aria takes care of the vent headache, so Metropolitan can focus their resources on what they do best - designing and manufacturing progressive, ethically made flooring products.

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