How M2 Tile grew vent revenue 16.5 times

Single Location Retail Program Case Study

Partner Profile

M2 Tile & Stone

Company Name
M2 Tile & Stone

Type of Company
Tile Retailer & Importer

1 Location
40,000 SQFT
18 Employees

"There is no other vent product that can bring in sales numbers like what we see with Aria. Compared to our previous vent options, this is night and day."

– John Pasquariello, President

The Challenge

Offering custom tile vents was a cumbersome service M2 Tile provided to solve a customer pain point. They had to be sent offsite to be manufactured.

Vents held up deliveries, payments and - most importantly - they were not profitable. Requiring admin and coordination, they were more trouble than they were worth.

"With every floor that we sell, we can be selling an Aria Vent."

– John Pasquariello, President

The Results

36% New Revenue

36% of M2 Tile’s Aria Vent sales are drywall vents. Drywall is a new market that M2 Tile had never tapped into before.

16X More Revenue

M2 Tile was able to generate 16.5 times more revenue with Aria Vent products versus other vent options they carried.

Strong Inventory Flow

Bi-weekly reorder schedule - to ensure a constant stream of product and adequate stock.

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