Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe] vs. Framed Floor Vent [Lite]

Q. They look the same to me, what’s the difference?
A. The Framed Floor Vent [Lite] is our price conscious alternative to the Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe]. It's almost exactly the same, except for a few details:

  • Material - the Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe] is made in solid powder coated steel, the Framed Floor Vent [Lite] is made in high quality ABS plastic.
  • Air Flow Control - The Framed Floor Vent [Luxe] has dampers which allow you to open and close air flow any time after install. The Framed Floor Vent [Lite] does not have air flow control. The vent remains open at all times. 

Q. Is the Framed Floor Vent [Lite] less durable because it's made in plastic?
A. Surprisingly, no! The Framed Floor Vent [Lite] is actually stronger than the Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe]. This is because the Framed Floor Vent [Lite] has been engineered completely differently, and has multiple support brackets making it perfect for high traffic areas. The Framed Floor Vent [Lite] has been tested to hold over 300 pounds of static pressure.

Q. Why is there such a big difference in price between the Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe] & Framed Floor Vent [Lite]?
This is mainly attributed to the materials they are made from. Plastic is less expensive than steel.

Q. Why did you make two products that look pretty much the same?
A. We believe in making good design accessible to all budgets, that’s why we made the Framed Floor Vent [Lite]. Same modern design, but made in high quality ABS plastic.

Q. I see Framed Floor Vent [Lite] can be purchased in multi-packs, can I buy just one?
A. Framed Floor Vent [Lite] can only be purchased in multi-packs on our online store

Q. Can I buy Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe] in multi packs?
A. No, Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe] can only be purchased in single quantities.

Q. What about air flow performance?
A. Great question! We’re serious about air flow. You can find our third party CFM testing data here.

Q. Are both models only for floor vents?
A. Nope! These models can also be mounted on walls or ceilings. Both models have 4 screw holes on the lateral sides so you can fastened the vents to the substrate of the wall.