Innovative Vents to Compliment Project Hardwood Flooring’s Product Lines

Aria Vents provide a clean minimalistic look to compliment the array of flooring materials Project Hardwood Flooring Ltd sells — from solid hardwood, engineered hardwood to laminate and luxury vinyl.


Aurora, Ontario


Project Hardwood Flooring Ltd sells all flooring types such as solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminates & luxury vinyl. The Aria Vents products provide their customers with an added elegance to compliment their flooring of choice in addition to the regular wooden flush mount and drop-in wood vents Project Hardwood Flooring Ltd currently sells.

Project Hardwood Flooring Ltd., a Canadian company, prides itself on its dedication to providing high-quality flooring material and accompanying accessories to their clients, with no exception when it comes to mechanical vents. When it came to selecting a vent and register product line to carry within the store, Project Hardwood Flooring was limited by the lack of innovation within the vent industry. Wooden flush mount and drop-in wood vents were the only 'unique' options available, which was a dissatisfying upgrade choice for Project Hardwood Flooring. Not only did these traditional vent options not provide the level of innovation and sophistication this company strives to deliver, but they didn’t fit the modern aesthetic that their customers demanded. The wood vents required ample lead time to stain and custom-make and needed to be fitted before the surface was installed. Considering the lead time and prep, customers need to plan ahead for this detail — a step that is often overlooked and forgotten.

Project Hardwood Flooring found the solution to the underwhelming vent selection when introduced to our Canadian company Aria Vent, founded in 2016.  The clean lines and seamless visual footprint of our Aria Vent models melded perfectly with Project Hardwood Flooring’s belief in providing exceptional quality products and aesthetics. Easily installable, these patented versatile mechanical vents are compatible with any design approach and can be used with any surface material. Allowing design versatility for both homeowners and builders.

Project Hardwood Flooring sought to become a choice retailer for Aria Vent, working to add these vents to their existing line of offered flooring products. Justin Jendruch, the owner of Project Hardwood Flooring, states: “Our customers have been really impressed and wowed by our sample display and the project photos we have. They love the alternative to the standard, old plastic vents that are typically offered from homebuilders and other retailers. It was worth the investment to become an Aria Vent retailer. We can now supply customers already selecting and purchasing their flooring from us, along with walk-in patrons. It is a different venting aesthetics not seen elsewhere.”

We have a wide range of vent solutions. All available in a variety of colours and sizes. Aria Vent is a modular air register system that elevates the mechanical vent to become a design feature, rather than just a necessary accessory. The ability to achieve consistency between finishes despite having multiple floor materials across your home creates a cohesive look and feel throughout the entire space. This allows retailers, like Project Hardwood Flooring, the ability to exceed their clients' needs and expectations while delivering high quality and visually pleasing solutions that are compatible with every floor material they sell. One solution for every vent.