Vents To Visually Complement Any Design Style

Montana Labelle Designs was thrilled when Aria Vents came on the market. The minimalist and modern take on a traditional grille vent fit seamlessly with the firm's dedication to clean lines.

Interior Design

Toronto, Ontario


Providing beautifully-simple, mechanical vent solutions, that combine easy-to-install and high-quality functionality with modern minimalistic aesthetics and innovation.

When developing the visual concept for a client, the designer must consider all components to ensure a cohesive reflection of the design vision. Every little detail is examined. From the obvious choices like flooring and wall materials, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and furniture procurement, to the nitty-gritty details of door hardware, grout colours and even items like vent covers. Nothing escapes the hawk-eye of designers as they work to execute a congruent environment that meets their client's needs.

Montana Labelle Designs is a design firm established in Toronto, Ontario that serves both the Commercial and Residential design markets. Montana Labelle's self-named firm was created in 2013. She was soon given the title in the International Design community as 'the one to watch,' with her projects featured in various top style publications. Her firm's approach to design leans toward the lived-in modern aesthetic, melding eclectic, contemporary and comfortable fixtures, finishes and details. This includes incorporating elements of different textures, materials and accessories that support her overall vision while integrating the necessary elements — electrical, structural and mechanical — that are in every building.

One such necessary element that can prove challenging to blend with the overall look of the space and supporting the desired mood is mechanical registers and vent covers. All spaces, regardless of focus — commercial or residential — have mechanical duct systems that require vent covers. Until recently, the selection on the market has been quite visually uninspiring; at times requiring customized products. This customization typically comes with a higher price point and lead times, affecting both the budget and the intended completion date of a project. The lack of innovation in this integral area of the construction industry has challenged designers to seamlessly integrate this necessary mechanical system into their space as an intentional element.

Montana Labelle Designs was instantly impressed when our company, Aria Vent, came to market in 2016. Manufactured and sold across Canada and the US in over 200 retail locations, as well as online, Montana Labelle Designs eliminated the need for long lead times as these vents could be purchased right off the shelf. The standard option vents allow for the flexibility that customization supports without the higher price tag. Our patented products fit seamlessly with the firm's dedication to clean lines and highlights their attention to beauty through the use of minimalistic and modern execution.

Adaptable to all surfaces and applications, the design of this modular air register system is safe to be used in spaces that have children or pets. The smart design of each model also incorporates the basic fundamentals of form and function, leading to an industry-changing product. Our wide range of vents are available to address a designer's every need. Our products offer various colour selections and can be adapted to all materials, be it carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate; the sky's the limit.

A game-changer for Montana Labelle Designs was the introduction of our Flush Exhaust Mount [Luxe]. This vent cover eliminates the unflattering visual of the standard grille plate mounted to a ceiling, becoming a firm favourite as the final installation compliments any design approach. The versatility of this model also allows for it to be used as a  air return on both the wall or ceiling, not just in exhaust fan applications.

A good design is one you don't see, you just 'feel.' With Aria Vent products, the end-user no longer sees the perceptible interruption of a standard grille vent cover, but rather, an integrated design feature that feels intentional in its ability to blend seamlessly with all elements of the general design. This allows designers like Montana Labelle and her firm to continue producing projects that truly embody its design philosophies and intent, and keep their clients happy in a functional and magazine-worthy space, cohesive down to the tiniest details.