Multi-Unit Condominium Conversions Incorporates Heating Vents that Serves Aesthetics and Function

HRV Homes desired a more aesthetically pleasing vent for their multi-unit condominium conversion. Aria Vent’s patented high-quality air registers met that challenge with its beautiful simplicity and ease of integration into the final design vision.

Home Developer/Builder

Boston, MA


Providing beautifully-simple, mechanical vent solutions, that combine easy-to-install and high-quality functionality with modern minimalistic aesthetics and innovation.

No matter how a construction project begins — either new construction or a gut renovation — they each finish the same way: a functional, stylish and detail-minded space, fit for an eager homeowner to move in. The success of the completed design and its "Instagram worthiness" depends on the availability of innovative, yet functional, products and materials. Plus the skills of the developer who sources these materials to meet their clients' needs.

Four major systems make up and interior build — architectural/interior design, electrical, mechanical and structural. All these functions work in tandem to create a space, both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Product limitations in each of these areas, however, can cause the creative vision to be unrealized. One such challenging product has been mechanical vents and registers, as there has been minimal innovation and development on this front in the construction industry.

HRV Homes was able to push through this challenge. They are an investment firm created in 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts, specializing in multi-unit condominium conversions and real estate redevelopment projects. The company previously used standard metal grille vents in all of their builds; however, the result of these products left much to be desired, and installation limitations impacted the overall flow of the design.

HRV Homes desired more for its clients and began searching for a better solution to help the company achieve forward-thinking designs while still maintaining a functional, high-quality end result.

Our proudly-Canadian company, Aria Vent, was the solution. With our patented streamlined, easily-integrated and versatile mechanical vent options. In 2016, we created a new approach to mechanical vents and registers, focusing on both the simplicity and beauty of the design model while ensuring a high-quality product. Our products offer clean lines, a minimalistic visual footprint, and easy installation. Aria Vents are compatible with existing HVAC ductwork — allowing a developer to utilize our product without needing to modify the current system.

With the ability to adapt to any material surface, this modular air register system is a modern approach to a needed accessory, one that can visually complement any style of design intent — be it traditional, contemporary, or anything in between. The compatibility of materials with our models is limitless, including drywall, hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl or mosaic tiles. The adaptability of our registers to transition between finishes allows a consistent look throughout the entire home.

Mounting options and compositions of our wide range of vents — offer even more versatility of use, available in a variety of sizes and colours. HRV Homes discovered the Flush Wall Vent [Luxe] can be installed vertically as well as horizontally to maximize space limitations. Contrary to traditional custom venting solutions, which typically have lead times, Aria Vent products mirror the flexibility that customization brings while also providing off-the-shelf purchases. With over 200 retailers across the US and Canada, and the ability to place an order online, Aria Vent cuts down on project delays as there is no lead time for our registers and vent covers, giving the developer the potential for the functional versatility they desire within our product range.

Endless design options are at the developers' fingertips with the ability to adapt to the floor, wall, or ceiling. Aria Vent products seamlessly blend into the space, limiting the visual impact of an otherwise ugly mechanical component. Combined with simple installation and the diversity of available sizes, colours and models, developers, like HRV Homes, can better serve their customers' needs for high-end, customized design features.