Flush Wall Vent [Luxe+]

$120 CAD

High performance, ultra-minimal, flush drywall vent. Additional air channel allows for 40%-100% increased air flow (size dependent) vs. single channel. Equipped with a drywall bead that contours seamlessly into the surface. Once installed, only a double rectangular air channel is visible.

Make sure you have the right size:Β SIZING TOOL

*Vent must be mounted prior to surface material install.
*Consult your HVAC specialist to ensure Aria is right for your system.

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ 100% Manufactured in Canada

Looking for a framed version?

Wall, Ceiling
  • Must be installed at drywalling stage. Requires professional installation.
  • Use only on drywall surfaces.
  • May require notching joists for larger size vent.
  • Air FlowΒ - Full air flow control. Slide tray to access air flow dampers at any time.
  • Easy CleaningΒ - Slide and remove tray for easy duct cleaning.
  • 10''x14'' High Performance has a 47% increase in open area when compared to the standard model 10''x14'' Flush Wall Vent [Luxe]
  • 10''x30'' High Performance has a 50% increase in open area when compared to the standard model 10''x30''Β Flush Wall Vent [Luxe]
    • Install is best done by a Pro



    What material can this be used with?
    This vent is specifically for drywall / gypsum wall and ceiling surfaces.

    My drywall is already installed, can I use this?
    Yes, Absolutely!

    Can I use this on floors, walls, and ceilings?
    This is only for wall and ceiling vents.

    Do you make custom sizes or colours?
    No, sorry about that! This only comes in satin white. It’s ready to be painted or wall-papered to match your walls.

    How much more open area does theΒ Flush Wall Vent [Luxe+] have when compared to theΒ Flush Wall Vent [Luxe]?
    The High-Performance gains 50% more open area, allowing more air to flow through.

    Will theΒ Flush Wall Vent [Luxe+] be flush with the drywall surface?
    Yes! The Flush Wall Vent [Luxe+] is installed the same way as theΒ Flush Wall Vent [Luxe], and all the surfaces are paintable to match your wall color.

    Are these compatible with filters?
    No, sorry about that! At this time the vent is not compatible with air filters, but we are working on a solution.

    What's the difference between the Luxe model and theΒ Lite model?
    The main difference between our Luxe and Lite models is the material; the Luxe is metal and the Lite is ABS plastic.

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