🇨🇦 Canadian Made, Quality Assured, Aria Vent 🇨🇦

Canada has a long history of resilience. We are a tough and resourceful bunch. Our harsh climates have shown us how fragile environments can be. So, when we spend our hard earned cash we expect the products we buy to hold up over time.
In this day and age, high quality products are few and far between. Globalization has opened the flood gates for manufacturing to be shipped overseas - a bargain most companies have not passed up. In turn, inferior products have more or less taken over the consumer market - no matter the industry.
Here are Aria Vent we believe in providing the highest quality product possible. We believe that by being 100% Canadian made; designed and manufactured, we are able to accomplish this. Don't believe us? Take a look at how we strive for the highest quality below.

#1 : Our Materials

Transparency is a core value at Aria Vent. We do not hide the origins of our materials, rather we are proud to let others know them. Ensuring that we source the highest quality materials allows us to make a product we are confident in.  

Our products are minimalist through and through. Why complicate things? That goes for our materials as well. Our "Luxe" product line are made solely of Galvanized Powder Coated Steel. Whereas the "Lites" are made of high quality, recycled ABS Plastic.

#2: Our Manufacturing

Aria was built by a father-daughter duo - family is in the DNA of our company. Our manufacturers are an extension - and key part - of that family.

Manufacturing of all Aria product is done 100% on Canadian soil (majority within 25km of our HQ). Not only does it create jobs in Ontario and stimulate the economy, it allows us to keep a tight grip on quality control. None of which are possible when manufacturing overseas. 

By keeping operations stateside, we know exactly what we're getting. From the gauge of our steel, to the consistency of injection molding for our "Lite" models and even the accuracy of printing on our packaging. Nothing is left up to chance.

 #3: Our Packaging

The unsung heroes of Aria Vent is no doubt our Packaging Team. This small yet mighty group is the lifeblood that keep us afloat. They touch and inspect every single product that comes through our headquarters in Etobicoke, Ontario. They get a hands on, up-close feel of every item we ship out. They are able to nip any product issues in the bud - before anything leaves our warehouse. They are our last line of defence. Nothing leaves without their approval. 

#4 Our Future

As we continue to grow and expand, we are increasing our focus on sustainability. We believe that our impactful design should not impact the Earth. We are striving to be carbon-neutral throughout our entire product lifecycle. We have adopted eco-friendly business initiatives that are conscious of the environment's well-being. 

This is just the beginning. There is still so much we can do and are planning to do to reach our goals. Keep following as we will be sure to update!