Wall Vent [Lite] vs. Wall Vent [Luxe]: A Rivalry in the Making 🥊

There have been many great rivals throughout history. Gates vs. Jobs, Ali vs. Frazier, Musk vs. Bezos. Hold my beer… while I introduce a new rivalry: Drywall Lite vs Drywall Pro. Ever heard of 'em’? We sure have. Every. Damn. Day.
Follow along as we take you through a tale of two different lines. They will raise your roof. They may even cause strife when determining which one to choose for your walls and which to choose for your ceilings - they’re that good. Regardless which you choose, once installed they’re virtually identical. Since they are inanimate objects, allow us to plead their cases.


The Wall Vent [Lite]s are made of 100% ABS Plastic while the Wall Vent [Luxe]s are made of 100% Powder Coated Steel. At about 40% the price, the Wall Vent [Lite]s are the price-conscious alternative to the Wall Vent [Luxe]s

Drywall Pro vs. Lite - Material
 *Pictured: Left - Flush Wall Vent [Lite]. Right - Flush Wall Vent [Luxe]



All wall vents were designed specifically for walls and ceilings made of drywall. Both lineups have a model with a beaded rim that contours the vent flush into the surface. 

The Wall Vent [Lite]s also have a top-mounted option - the Framed Wall Vent [Lite]. Which can be installed at any time. Simply drop in, fasten and customize!

Air Control:

The Wall Vent [Luxe] line has air control dampers built into every model. These are pliable metal dampers that can be adjusted to release, or restrict airflow at any time.

While the Wall Vent [Lite]s do not have air flow control, we have created the Lite Damper, an accessory to make up for this. Our Lite Dampers are made of the same powder coated steel as the Wall Vent [Luxe]s. Simply attach to the back of the models and click into place.

Be sure to install the Lite Dampers on the Flush Wall Vent [Lite] prior to mudding. Once the Flush Wall Vent [Lite] is installed, you will not be able to access the back of the vent to attach/clip the Lite Dampers in.  


The "tray" is the centre cover of the Wall Vent [Luxe] models like the trays on our floor models. On one of the plate's four sides you will find a circular hole in the middle.

Once you find the hole, push the side of the plate cover with the hole until it unlocks - you will hear a snap/click. The Wall Vent [Lite]s are much simpler and only require you to pull them straight off. 

So there you have it - competitors for life. 

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